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What is Styling?

The terms stylist and styling are fairly new to the design and wedding industries. Understandably, there is a lot of confusion between what stylist really are. This blog post is our opinion on the role a stylist plays during your photo shoot or event.

queen of hearts styled shoot. Photography Micah Nelson Styling and Rentals Ardor Rental Boutique

Stylist, (in the most simplest of terms) make things pretty. On photo shoots that might mean adjusting the hair and garments of the client. We keep bugs off of clothes, rings turned perfectly, and items that will cause the photographer long editing hours out of the shot.

queen of hearts styled shoot. Photography Micah Nelson Styling and Rentals Ardor Rental Boutique

The goal here was to make these pine cones look effortlessly placed for this detail shot. We thought about the angle from the photographers perspective. We thought about the texture of the pine cones in comparison to the brass bowl. We thought through pulling in greenery when there was too much brown. Needless to say a lot of thinking happens.


These little details may not seem like much but they make a huge difference in the overall finished product. The eye is drawn to things properly formatted.

winter wedding cake inspiration styled by ardor photographed by micah nelson photography

Stylist add all the finishing touches that can easily go unnoticed. However, when they are noticed, oh the difference they make.


Imagine this magnifier not having floral or ribbon. It was a subtle addition but made something visually interesting that otherwise could have gone unnoticed.

Outdoor Wedd

Here we added a Bob Dylan quote the bride had mentioned she loved in a meeting. These things are what make an event personal, intimate, and one of a kind.

Most often the confusion about styling comes from who exactly offers it. It can be the florist, rental company, or the wedding planner. Our rule of thumb is to always book your wedding planner first. Wedding planners expertise in the industry can save their clients a lot of money and headache. If a wedding planner does not offer styling they will select the vendors that do in order to perfect their clients vision.


Ardor offers styling services. Most often we are hired by or are working with your wedding planner to style certain aspects of the day. Sometimes that means a custom ceremony back drop. Others times it is lounge areas. It all depends on the client and the overall services the other vendors provide. In the end finding the right planner first will help navigate it all. This gives you an event or wedding day full of busy bees all knowing exactly what areas they are responsible for perfecting.


On a side note those pine cones did not just fall oh so perfectly from the tree. We placed each one to look that way. These are the crazy little things that stylist do.


Photo Credit: Micah Nelson Photography

Photo Credit: Sully Clemmer Photography 





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