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As fall approaches I know I can’t be alone in welcoming the new season with open arms. The past few days the crisp air and faint sound of falling leaves has reminded me change is on the way. Some people fear change, while others embrace it. I find that I have always been one to run towards it. If I am not changing my hair, I am changing the furniture around in my home, my style, or what I want to be when I grow up. When I really think about it nothing in my life is ever allowed to stay the same for far too long. I suppose there is excitement with uncertainty and newness.


Photographed by: Micah Nelson Photography

One of the biggest seasons of change in my life began in March 2014 when my very best friend Misty Merrill and I decided to start a business. We were told it was not wise to go in business with your best friend. We had to explain the concept of a boutique furniture rental company again, and again, and again, and well again. Looking back now when we ask the question, “Would we change anything about the journey of business ownership?” The answer is and will always be, no.


Photographed by: Starling and Sage Photography

In 2 years we have met people that will forever change the course of our life. Artist, creatives, photographers, moms, daughters, wives, business owners, Christian mentors, and the list goes on. We have poured our heart and soul into Ardor and all along the way tried to uphold the highest standard of professionalism and class. Every client received every ounce of our attention, and at the end of the day our desire for their session or event to be a success was just as much or greater than their own.

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Photographed by: Micah Nelson Photography

We have built relationships that turned into friendships and poured into this community that we love so very much. While building Ardor, encouraging others was at the top of our priority list in an industry known for putting one another down. Along the way Misty and I have a friendship stronger than it has ever been and we have memories that can never be replaced. Misty is my very best friend as she always will be. We have laughed, we have cried, and we have both become stronger in our faith along the way.

Photographed by: Lauren Liddell Photography

With all that said, there has been an inkling in our hearts. God has lead Misty and I in a new direction. Business ownership has been all kinds of amazing, yet family has been put on the back burner a little more than we can say we are happy to admit. Over the past two years Misty’s sweet baby Hollis has become older and my maternal instincts have started to kick in. We have come to the realization that perhaps a furniture rental company does not always lend itself well to the most important job of all, simply being a mom.

Photographed by: LB Studios

In a world where being busy is praised we have decided we are going to swim against the current. We are going to be as non busy as possible while pouring into our families. Misty and I are embracing a new concept and that is the season of being still.

Photographed by: Starling and Sage Photography

In the spirit of all this change it seemed fitting to announce a secret we have had for several months. Misty and I happily and with extreme excitement would love to announce that Ardor Rental Boutique has been purchased by Cheryl Fletcher. Cheryl is the current owner of Forrest Paper and Bridal Co.. On Sept 1, 2015, we will be passing over the torch to our neighbor who we have grown to love dearly since our move to downtown Hattiesburg. Forrest Paper and Bridal Co. was established in 2000 and is Mississippi’s premiere stationery and bridal boutique. Ardor will be the perfect addition to an already outstanding local business.

Photographed by: Maria Newman Photography

On Sept 4, 2015, there will be a relaunch party you will not want to miss. Here we will have a meet and greet with the new ownership along with some great music and food from some of our favorite local vendors. Misty and I are excited about the places Ardor will go under the new ownership we have so much faith and respect for.

Photography by: Maria Newman Photography

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing journey you have followed us on. Thank you downtown Hattiesburg for the outstanding support and sense of community. Thank you to our clients for being simply amazing and for all the photographers that pushed us to explore our creativity and do what we do best. We love you all and stay tuned because Ardor is on to even bigger and better things and the experience will now be even more amazing for current and future clients.

There are a few questions we would love to clear up before they are asked.

Will the services provided by Ardor currently still be provided? YES

Did moving downtown affect your business? YES for the better. Our business increased after relocating downtown. 

Will any deals offered at special events be honored by new owners? YES

Are you and Misty still friends? YES, she will never escape me lol 

Will the new owners be just as awesome? YES, even more awesome!

Will you still be doing wedding or events? YES we will be consulting. Aka we pick and choose what projects we take on. 

Will the contact info be the same? YES


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Since Ardor has moved downtown we have been fortunate to get to know our neighbors a little better. The ladies at Forrest Paper & Bridal Company are talented crew that never ceases to amaze. We had the opportunity to ask the owner, Cheryl Fletcher, a few questions that we felt brides and other clients might like to know. Here is what we learned…

What services and products does Forrest Paper and Bridal Company offer? Forrest Paper and Bridal Company offers Bridal Gowns, Bridesmaid dresses, veils, jewelry, tuxedo rentals, custom made suits, invitations for weddings and all other events, stationery, calligraphy services, hand lettering for stationery and signs etc., gift wrap, ribbon and much more.

How long have you been in business? Forrest Paper and Bridal Company has been around since 1999.

What are some helpful tips for clients that are invitation shopping? The first thing to know is the number of invitations you need. (That is not the same as the number of people). The next thing is the correct spelling of everyone’s names (you’d be surprised how many people don’t know this!) Lastly, if you don’t know something (like the difference between thermography and letterpress) ask!

What are the most common mistakes you see or have to fix in online invitation shopping? The most common mistakes we have to help brides fix when they have an online blunder are… they forgot to order envelopes (many places don’t include envelopes), the envelopes are thin, or the quality of the invitation is not what they expected.

What sets Forrest Paper and Bridal Co apart? Forrest Paper and Bridal Company is unique not only in the products we offer but also our vast array of services. We offer a boutique atmosphere with expert advice and guidance on selection of all the products we offer.

A huge thank you to Forrest Paper and Bridal Co for spending the day with us and to the lovely Maria Newman Photography for capturing all these beautiful details. If you would like to find out more about these great vendors you can visit their websites below.


Forrest Paper and Bridal Co-

Maria Newman Photography-


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I am a sucker for a good before and after. Shows on HGTV like Trading Spaces and Design on a Dime would always wow me in the end with the final transformations. The families reaction never failed to touch my heart. Looking back I believe that warm fuzzy feeling of making someone so happy through updating their home was the initial allure of interior design.

In December of 2014 Misty and I walked into an empty space in downtown Hattiesburg, Ms. It was cold, it smelled kinda funny, and we were scared to death. We could see potential bursting at the seams but making the leap to a store front was well, a LEAP!

” Half the failures in life arise from pulling in one’s horse as he is leaping”

– A.W. Hare

So we LEAPT!

Ardor store front December 2014.

Ardor store front May 2015. The new sign and awning made a huge difference. We were able to design our sign with Image Signs and Neon and it is exactly the simplistic perfection we had dreamed of from day one.

Interior December 2014

First things first, paint! The colors were busy making it hard for the eye to focus on the beautiful character and architectural details of the space. So, we went with a classic white for our primary color.

We selected a grey trim that we were seeing in the beautiful beadboard ceiling. By going with a lighter wall color and trim you can see the ceiling looks 4 shades lighter. This had a huge effect on making the space feel much larger. The ceiling fans were removed and replaced with recessed lighting. The fans were dating the space and drawing the eye down, again making the space feel smaller.

The warehouse was the area that needed the most tender, love and care.

 After hours on a very tall ladder we were able to add some warmth to the space with garden lights and draped cheese cloth. The wood pin board installation behind my lovely husband is a great area for us to display thank you cards from clients.

The floors were painted a dark non slip grey to better suit our need for the space.

The bathroom is the area I want to kick myself for not getting a before picture of. Think red, lots and lots of red.

Almost 6 months into our renovation journey we have fallen in love with our French inspired corner of downtown Hattiesburg, MS. With neighbors like Forrest Paper and Bridal Company, The Venue Bakery Building, Lucky Rabbit, The Depot, Blooms Garden Shoppe, and many more amazing small downtown businesses it is easy to see why we love the Ardor Studio.

A huge thank you to our amazing husbands who put in hours of unpaid time to help us make this dream a reality.

We look forward to working with you on your next photo shoot, baby shower, wedding shower, or small event. For more details on the Ardor Studio click here.








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The terms stylist and styling are fairly new to the design and wedding industries. Understandably, there is a lot of confusion between what stylist really are. This blog post is our opinion on the role a stylist plays during your photo shoot or event.

Stylist, (in the most simplest of terms) make things pretty. On photo shoots that might mean adjusting the hair and garments of the client. We keep bugs off of clothes, rings turned perfectly, and items that will cause the photographer long editing hours out of the shot.

The goal here was to make these pine cones look effortlessly placed for this detail shot. We thought about the angle from the photographers perspective. We thought about the texture of the pine cones in comparison to the brass bowl. We thought through pulling in greenery when there was too much brown. Needless to say a lot of thinking happens.

These little details may not seem like much but they make a huge difference in the overall finished product. The eye is drawn to things properly formatted.

Stylist add all the finishing touches that can easily go unnoticed. However, when they are noticed, oh the difference they make.

Imagine this magnifier not having floral or ribbon. It was a subtle addition but made something visually interesting that otherwise could have gone unnoticed.

Here we added a Bob Dylan quote the bride had mentioned she loved in a meeting. These things are what make an event personal, intimate, and one of a kind.

Most often the confusion about styling comes from who exactly offers it. It can be the florist, rental company, or the wedding planner. Our rule of thumb is to always book your wedding planner first. Wedding planners expertise in the industry can save their clients a lot of money and headache. If a wedding planner does not offer styling they will select the vendors that do in order to perfect their clients vision.

Ardor offers styling services. Most often we are hired by or are working with your wedding planner to style certain aspects of the day. Sometimes that means a custom ceremony back drop. Others times it is lounge areas. It all depends on the client and the overall services the other vendors provide. In the end finding the right planner first will help navigate it all. This gives you an event or wedding day full of busy bees all knowing exactly what areas they are responsible for perfecting.

On a side note those pine cones did not just fall oh so perfectly from the tree. We placed each one to look that way. These are the crazy little things that stylist do.


Photo Credit: Micah Nelson Photography

Photo Credit: Sully Clemmer Photography 



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When we started Ardor one thing was clear from the beginning. We wanted to pour and invest into the community. Workshops were such a great way to do both. Not only is an artist or creative displaying their talents, we the attendees have the benefit of learning and discovering. The laughing and fellowship is always a plus as well.

I am a creative spirit and after a long day, long week, maybe even a long month, diving into something that pushes my creative side never ceases to clear my thought and turn those mountains back into mole hills. So with the renewal of spring and all the beauty that it symbolizes, we thought a Spring Floral Workshop was the perfect way to welcome the new season.

A huge thank you to Jessie Partridge with Maidenhair Floral and Events for teaching us how to make beautiful floral arrangements for our home, but most importantly for being such an amazing woman and friend.

At last all beautiful participants of our very first floral workshop at the Ardor Studio.

Photographed by: April and Paul Photography








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