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  • Home of a curated collection of unique furniture and accents to enhance any wedding, photo shoot, or event. Ardor was created for those stylish trendsetters that want something outside of the box and all their own. Customized design is our speciality so allow yourself to dream and allow us to make that dream into reality. Ardor is defined as enthusiasm or passion and we are filled with both about styling and finding beautiful things. If you love unique pieces and enjoy laughing way too much you are right where you need to be. Enjoy browsing our collection.
  • Our Amazing Wedding In Malaysian Style

  • If you’re looking for more inspirations to plan your wedding, then you’re in the right place. As a romantic person who believes in the purest feelings, I wanted to arrange everything perfectly. I met my future wife on a matchmaking website for men who want to start dating with Asian brides. And we decided that it will be the best decision to arrange our special day according to the traditions of this beautiful country. It was a traditional wedding in Malaysian style, and our guests felt that they were a part of a sacramental event. I met my future wife on a special dating website that specialized in Malaysian beauties. After that, I had no doubts that our wedding should be in her homeland’s style. If you want to make your wedding truly special and immerse yourself in a fabulous atmosphere, then you can safely use our idea. Bright colors will plunge you into the unforgettable mystery of the islands. Indeed, when love from the stage of informal relationships moves to a new, legally and socially responsible level, it becomes a sacrament - an act of voluntary unification of lives, views, ideas, and beliefs. Perhaps, it is precisely such an event that deserves to become one of the greatest holidays in life. It is difficult to imagine something more exciting and solemn than this sacred ritual in every sense, in which everyone who shares a part in it with the lovers takes responsibility of various degrees: from a designer who creates a dress for the bride, to witnesses, friends, employees of the location chosen for the celebration, masters of confectionery art, florists and decorators. This idea is perfect for newlyweds who want their wedding to be unique and different from others. Therefore, a Malaysian-style wedding became our pick.
  • Malaysian Marriage: Our Perfect Wedding Story For me and my fiance, it was important to tell the story of our love – guests had to see what we’ve passed through and feel the power of our hearts. Besides, a wedding in Malaysian style differs from US traditional ceremonies, so we wanted to be sure that everything will be fine. Ardor studio helped us create a unique atmosphere with the help of small and big details that allowed everybody to enjoy the event. The planning process was hard in many senses, but it was definitely worth it. We’ve passed a few stages that helped us realize what we need to arrange a perfect wedding in Malaysian style. And here’s how our dream turned into reality:
  • 1. Hundreds of Instagram and Pinterest photos Of course, my Malaysian girl knows everything about her culture and traditions, but we needed to highlight the uniqueness of the ceremony. That’s why we dedicated many days to wedding blogs and photos on the Internet – we couldn’t miss any detail. We invited only our parents and closest friends to create a bubble of warmth and privacy. Thanks to inspirations and ideas we got from images on Instagram and Pinterest, we offered them the best decorations that added a special charm to the ceremony. 2. Wedding location Those striving to date Malaysian women should know that these girls are amazing. I couldn’t even imagine that someday I will get married on a beach. My wife persuaded me to arrange our wedding in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. We united our hearts when the ocean was singing its songs coming from depth. There wasn’t anybody except us and our guests – we chose a private beach owned by one of the local hotels.
  • 3. Decorations and small details When it comes to decorations, you have to be very careful. A wedding in a Malaysian style requires the presence of authentic things that highlight the uniqueness of the ceremony. I truly believe that Ardor accessories saved us from failure because it was so hard to find appropriate decorations. The studio representatives selected the right furniture style to emphasize the overall mood of the ceremony. And now, I know how important it is to pay attention to small details as they reflect the state of your soul and words you want to say. 4. Floral decore It doesn’t matter if you get married to a Malaysian woman or girl from any other region – they all love flowers. Thanks to my wife, we selected the most beautiful flowers to decorate tables, chairs, and other furniture. My boutonniere and her bridal bouquet matched together and contained the same blossoms. Our guests told us later that a wedding in Malaysian style is the most exciting ceremony they’ve ever seen.
  • 5. The food at a Malay wedding Women in Malaysia respect the traditions of their country, and that’s why we decided to do our best to arrange a ceremony that shows the richness of this culture. Our wedding menu contained dishes with rice, chicken, vegetables, fish, beef, and other classic ingredients. We continued our list of delicious food with desserts – it was a parade for a sweet-tooth! The menu included rice cakes, sweet potato doughnuts, fruits, jelly cocktails, pudding, and many other treats. Some of our guests had an opportunity to get acquainted with the traditional Malay cuisine, and they loved it. 6. Photos and videos A wedding ceremony is a moment that should last forever. If you find a Malaysian female of your dreams, you’ll feel the wings on your back. Her beauty will charm you, and you’ll want to make her feel special. That’s why it’s necessary to think of finding a professional photographer who’ll be able to capture your ideal love story. Today, a few months have passed since we got married, wedding photos take us to that special day. We hired a talented specialist who managed to catch each warm smile and glance full of love. Our wedding will live not only in our memories but also in these images. And the video taken during the ceremony will remind us of each second that brought us happiness.
  • It’s Time to Begin Your Love Story

  • If you dream of a Malaysian wife, prepare for the most exciting experience in your life. The traditional wedding ceremony in this country is rich and beautiful – it makes me think that it happened to someone else. We passed a difficult path to creating something authentic and unique, but this journey is worth all efforts. I appreciate each moment that made me dive into Malay culture. It was one of the most memorable adventures in my life, and I hope that this article will motivate you to arrange a Malaysian wedding too.
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